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Thread: P07000, U0073 on 09 G8, 60K miles

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    Default P07000, U0073 on 09 G8, 60K miles

    So I've noticed my car having trouble starting. I thought maybe it was the battery, so I had it bench tested and it was fine (although a little low). At one point the car wouldn't turn over and threw the P0700 code and U0073 code.

    I've also noticed that I have the crank pulley/under pulley wobble. No load idle is pulling 14.3V, 12.3V not running, so I think my alt is fine.

    I got the thing started and did a couple laps around the block, both slow and WOT. Seems ok.

    I've looked up the P0700/U0073 codes on here and G8Board, but seems like it could be anything (fuses to moisture to blown clutch).

    I've been noodling with the SLP underpulley mod; anyone think that the wobble on the pulley could cause a flux in voltage/amps that would be giving me electrical problems? Is it something completely different? How should I go about diagnosing?

    Can anyone recommend an honest Socal shop to take it to? I'm in Whittier, but anywhere in socal is fine. I would prefer to keep it away from a dealer, but I may not have a choice.

    Any and all help is appreciated.

    DJ LPM

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    The U0073 code is a communication error. It relates to the CAN bus. It will reset after 50 ignition cycles if it doesn't repeat.
    THe P0700is a transmission code requeas from the TCM.

    Neither of these are symptoms of a difficult to start engine. Your description of that is pretty vague.
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