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Thread: GM Accessory Floor Mat Set

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    Default GM Accessory Floor Mat Set

    I have a buddy looking for the GM accessory floor mat set.

    The GM / Pontiac mats only, used or new must be nice.

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    Seems all the factory options are discontinued. I recently looked up the ones for the caprice and they listed them as fitting caprice 11-13 and G8. Hard to believe as I thought the footwells in the rear were about 4 inches longer on the caprice. But maybe a little trimming would get them to work. The attachment points in the front should be in the same area and the fronts should fit no issues.

    GM part number 92225156 About $150 from most dealers.

    These would be plain black, no logos.

    If he gets them post up some pics of the rear, curios how they fit.

    EDIT: Think I was wrong above. The Caprice and G8 Use the same drawing in the parts database but have different part numbers for their mats so the caprice ones will be a bit long in the rear. I know many carpet stores sew those edgings onto ends of carpets, wonder if they could with a rubber backed mat after you trim it to fit.
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