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Thread: Manufacturing DA - A New Chiller

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil@PnP Tech View Post
    I took the G8 to Beechbend Raceway this past Monday.

    DA +1026
    Ambient 65F and 40% RH

    Best pass of 10.19@137. Race weight was 4275#. The only thing removed from the car was the tire infiltrator. It is full interior, steel hood, full exhaust, and stock battery. The car is pretty basic LSA setup with a 57k stock bottom end L76. BTR PD cam, stock heads... Boost ~15psi (9.55/2.55 pulleys). I did about an 8-9 minute cruising the pits to chill the IAT's from 110F down to 45F (water temps in the low 30's).

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    I have only made 4 passes on the car with this setup. There are a few bugs to work out with the transmission and fuel system... I am fairly confident it will go 9's with some better air and a little diet.
    Another interesting fact is the amount of heat the blower is putting out is incredible. Water temp rise across the brick is consistently 45F. With the flow, that puts the heat generated to ~110,000 btu/hr (43 horsepower of HEAT!)

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    Hi Phil, you have some great numbers there and a really nice product. I definitely see the engineering background in you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil@PnP Tech View Post
    I have been busy as of late but I finally had some time to work on my own car...

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    I have been focusing on the pump/tank/line configuration as well as the insulation. I built off of Curt's idea for the crash beam tank. I was able to roll it to give it the slight curve of the factory crash beam. I also added some studs to be able to mount the washer fluid tank. To keep it from trapping air in the tank, I added a top port with a line that goes to an expansion tank. The expansion tank has a 10lb cap and the overflow T's into the factory radiator overflow tank. The tank was painted with a ceramic coating to keep the heat out.

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    How much for the tank?
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    I've been getting a lot of interest in the tanks. I ordered the materials to make a run of them...

    I'll be giving one away as a promo on my facebook page... I'll post more details once I publish it.
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